"Seeing that the tasimeter is affected by a wider range

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Phrenology was much talked about; and numerous "professors" of it came around lecturing, and examining heads, and making charts of cranial "bumps." This was profitable business to them for a while, as almost everybody who invested in a "character" received a good one; while many very commonplace people were flattered into the belief that they were geniuses, or might be if they chose.

Mesmerism followed close upon phrenology; and this too had its lecturers, who entertained the stronger portion of their audiences by showing them how easily the weaker ones could be brought under an uncanny influence.

The most widespread delusion of the time was Millerism. A great many persons--and yet not so many that I knew even one of them-- believed that the end of the world was coming in the year 1842; though the date was postponed from year to year, as the prophesy failed of fulfillment. The idea in itself was almost too serious to be jested about; and yet its advocates made it so literal a matter that it did look very ridiculous to unbelievers.

An irreverent little workmate of mine in the spinning-room made a string of jingling couplets about it, like this:--

"Oh dear! oh dear! what shall we do In eighteen hundred and forty-two?

"Oh dear! oh dear! where shall we be In eighteen hundred and forty-three?

"Oh dear! oh dear! we shall be no more In eighteen hundred and forty-four,

"Oh dear! oh dear! we sha'n't be alive In eighteen hundred and forty-five."

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